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Why Buy or Rent With Us?

Start To Finish Home Shopping Solution

1. We know your local market

We only work with proven top local agents in your market.

You should focus on your dream home and let us worry about matching you with the agent that best suits your criteria.

2. Our technology is years ahead of the competition

You’ll have an advantage over others looking in the same neighborhoods with the same budgets.

Our technology will keep you in the loop, and keep all pertinent information at your fingertips

3. Up to the second updates

When houses come on the market, you need to know instantly.

Years ago, your agent would call you once something became available, now we put the info in your hands and you can react before anyone else.

4. We don’t allow pushy sales tactics

Our partner agents work with us due to our technology and business model and we hold them accountable and watch over all correspondences.

We don’t allow badgering sales tactics that are too familiar in this industry.

5. Centralize all communications

Searching for the perfect home is confusing, especially when you are asking questions and receiving answers on multiple properties.

We are the first company to centralize all correspondences in our smart backend so you’ll never be confused.

6. Half technology / Half real estate search

Most search sites only focus on one area, we give you the best of both worlds and work side by side with our partner agents and clients to continually grow and perfect our system to offer you ever advantage possible in your house hunting.

7. We have virtual agents

If you’re just beginning your home search, it may seem a bit intimidating.

Now you can anonymously ask questions about specific properties, neighborhoods, etc. and one of our knowledgable agents will answer within minutes!